Wingmen Academy


Education and development go hand in hand, which is why we have an essential social responsibility in contributing to educating the next generation of Wingmen. We established Wingmen Academy to train young talents and create a path into the industry, and in 2021, the first team of Wingmen began their journey at Wingmen Academy.

The 2-5-year course focuses on the candidate’s professional and personal competence development. Wingmen Academy distinguishes itself by a high degree of ‘learning by doing.’ The candidates get a tailored introduction program and training courses, including education at Cisco and individual career coaching. Therefore, the Academy is well suited for candidates interested in the industry and a desire to learn and develop through practice. In addition, it is not a requirement that the candidates have obtained a higher education from, e.g., CBS or DTU.

A 2-5-årigt training course

Education by Cisco 

Individual career coaching with an external coach

Extended introductory program and joint training days

Meet the first generation of the Academy’s Wingmen

On August 9th, 2021, the first team of Wingmen started at the Academy. Meet Alexandra and Nicklas, whom both started as Systems Engineer Trainees, Tobias, our Sales Trainee, and Sebastian, who started in a Graduate course.

Education through practice

“I want to work with sales in the IT industry, but there is no education out there that directly targets the job as Account Manager. Of course, it would have been the obvious choice to study at CBS, but I see Wingmen Academy as a great opportunity to gain real-life experience and know-how within the industry. I wish to acquire the necessary skills and experience to be part of the Wingmen sales team afterward.

Tobias Juhl Madsen, Sales Trainee

Define your own tasks

“I’m looking forward to being a part of Wingmen, who has been on a spectacular growth journey from the beginning. There is great potential to define my tasks and for personal development. I am intrigued by the IT industry’s solution-oriented approach to problems, which is why I have always had an interest in becoming part of the industry.”

Sebastian Arthur Demant Mikkelsen, Law graduate

Get to know the craft

Wingmen Academy is an opportunity to get to know the craft from inside the industry. I’ve always been curious about messing around with and fixing computers. As part of my studies, I had an assignment on Cisco, and I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do. I love the logic and structure around networking, and I don’t know why more women don’t want to work with this. I want to help change that.” 

Alexandra Skjerbæk Huaman, who has completed an introductory course in data and communication from TEC and who is a Systems Engineer Trainee.


learn from the experts

I first heard about Wingmen when I was on a speed-date with Frederik and Kenny [IT consultants], who were part of TEC’s digital career days. I got an excellent impression of a company with a great community and many experts to follow. I have always been interested in IT, and I look forward to gaining more practical experience.

Nicklas Klattschou, who has completed the introductory course in data and communication from TEC.

We have long had a desire to launch a formalized course where we can train and develop the next generation of employees for our part of the IT industry. I look forward to being challenged and for the candidates to contribute with new perspectives because that is essential to developing up-to-date products and services. As a company, we have a responsibility to ensure that we, as a society and industry, provide young people with a good start to their careers and the necessary skills to equip them for the future.
Kåre Christensen, CEO AND CO-FOUNDER OF Wingmen.

Other sustanable projects

Redi School

We teach women with migrant and refugee backgrounds about IT.

Projekt udenfor

We deliver food in Project UDENFOR’s Mobile Food Café to the street sleepers of Copenhagen.

Head of People & Culture, Selam Mahdi, HR

Selam Mahdi

You are always welcome to contact me if you dream of joining the Wingmen family or are interested in learning more about what we do and our initiatives.