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IT security is paramount in the threat picture most companies look into today. The increasing digitization of companies provides more exposure, increasing the risk of cybercrime. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate security into all areas of the network.

We think security into all designs of networks and data centers. We work with Cisco’s entire security portfolio, which covers a company’s total security needs end-to-end. Wingmen have experience within all Cisco security technologies. Whether you are looking for security to assist or provide you with hybrid work, malware elimination, and other threats outside and inside your firewalls, we can advise you on and implement any Cisco Security solution

In the past few years, Cisco has succeeded in strengthening its solution for monitoring and management. SecureX collects data across different security technologies, including technologies that Cisco does not produce. We recommend using SecureX as a management platform because you get a unique opportunity to improve orchestration and automation with increased visibility, automation, and streamlining of the technologies. In addition, there is Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, which is one of the most effective threat intelligence teams in the world. Talos is comprised of researchers, analysts, and engineers whose job is to monitor the global threat picture and assess, anticipate, and mitigate the threats of Cisco’s customers, products, and services.

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Enjoy the benefits of your network without the hassle. We can help you ensure the operation and maintenance of your solution with our services.


Optimize your business with a stable, secure, and flexible network. We deliver standard enterprise networks and software-defined technologies.

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We can streamline the operation of your servers, no matter where you store your data. We know Cisco Software-Defined Data Centers based on ACI, UCS, and HX.

Kenneth Thorsted, Product Sales Specialist Security at Wingmen Solutions

Kenneth Thorsted

Want to know how we can help you increase your IT security position and strengthen your defenses against the present cyber threats? Contact me to learn more about the right solution for you.


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