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The network is more critical than ever. Our customers demand stable operation and high availability of all network elements. It must be reliable, easily accessible, flexible, and safety must be robust. The network must adapt to the rapidly changing demands of a changing world and of the agile organization. Hybrid work is on everyone’s tongues today, but that can change.

There will always be requirements for establishing and handling the network, no matter what the current trends are. Your company’s IT manager has a great responsibility to ensure that routing, switching, wireless, and managing these components are optimal. Overall, we call Enterprise Networking.

There is a lot of hype about software-defined technologies, but most organizations still use classic networks. We are both experts on software-defined technologies and classical networks because many of the industry’s sharpest Systems Engineers are Wingmen.

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Enjoy the benefits of your solution without the hassle. We can help you ensure the operation and maintenance of your solution with our services.

Data center

We can streamline the operation of your servers, no matter where you store your data. We know Cisco Software-Defined Data Centers based on ACI, UCS, and HX.


Do you have complete control over your IT security? We can help increase your security so that you can withstand today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Asbjørn Højmark, CTO at Wingmen Solutions

Asbjørn Højmark

Have you become more curious about network management and Cisco’s many networking solutions that can help streamline your IT? Perhaps you have become curious about the business value that Wingmen can help you get out of a solution tailored to your needs? Contact me for answers to your questions or to have a non-binding conversation about your options.


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