Wingmen's Sustainable Responsibility

Towards a more sustainable and responsible IT industry.

Our Environmental Goals.

At Wingmen, we take our responsibility towards people and the planet seriously. We acknowledge the need for businesses to be key players in our collective work for a future net-zero emission, and we are continually improving our environmental performance.

Striving to be the best is in our DNA, and we are committed to continually learning, adapting, and improving our sustainable business practices to reach our sustainability goals.

The overarching goal is for Wingmen to reach net-zero emissions by 2040. We are working towards this by targeting our two primary sources of emissions: our transportation and our offices. We aim to reduce environmental emissions by 2.5% per full-time employee per year. In line with best practices, we are continually monitoring our environmental performance, and from 2024 onwards, we compile and publish an annual environmental report detailing our CO2e emissions and assessing our progress toward achieving our emissions reduction goals.

Additionally, we are invested in strengthening our employees’ and customers’ environmental awareness by promoting education and sales of green solutions.


Reduction in environmental emissions per full-time employee per year
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Forpligtelser i 2024

We’ve strategically chosen to focus our efforts on three key areas: transportation, office environment, and education.

Transportation: Targeting our transportation initiatives, we aim to reduce emissions and implement more sustainable and energy-efficient transport methods. This involves investing in green technology and alternative transport solutions to minimize climate impact.

Office Environment: By optimizing our office spaces with energy-efficient solutions and green practices, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint significantly. This includes initiatives such as waste minimization, energy conservation, and eco-friendly materials to create healthier and more sustainable workplaces.

Education and Awareness: Through investments in educational programs and raising environmental awareness among our employees and customers, we aspire to foster a broader understanding of the impact of sustainable habits, contributing to a greener and more responsible future.


In the area of transportation, we are working actively on:

  • Decreasing air travel
  • Promoting ridesharing amongst employees
  • Promoting electric car use

In 2024, we are taking a significant step towards greener transportation by exclusively choosing electric cars when acquiring new company cars.

Office Environment.

In our offices, we have implemented:

  • Energy-efficient lighting with motion sensors in all work areas
  • Waste sorting and environmentally responsible disposal of potential pollutant
  • Digital workplace solutions to minimize printing and paper use
  • Mobile and remote working options – supported by innovative IT solutions
  • Processes to make sure necessary office-related purchases are as environmentally friendly as possible

In 2024, we are investing in further optimizing our digital solutions.

Uddannelse & bevidsthed

To enhance environmental awareness and education, we:

  • have become one of the first Gold Partners in Europe to achieve Cisco’s Sustainability certification, and we actively participate in and closely follow Cisco’s sustainability program
  • inform and advise our customers on green solutions
  • continually raise the environmental awareness of our employees on various matters through information campaigns and ongoing dialogue
  • invest in the knowledge of the new generation of our industry through Wingmen Academy


Wingmen Academy

We pave the way for the next generation of industry wingmen.

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We share a joint responsibility to ensure that as a company, industry, and society, we stand united in supporting one another.

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