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We are passionate Wingmen who create connections by strengthening the digital infrastructure. We work closely with our customers to tailor solutions that suit our customer’s specific needs. We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and we differ in the market in that it is the same team of specialists present from the first meeting to full implementation. Our ambition is to be technological frontrunners, and our employees are highly certified experts. We are proud of this, and it gives us the insight to navigate all possibilities before we assess and implement the best solutions for our customers.


Collaboration is a keyword for our approach to new projects, and we specialize in solutions that realize security strategies. We see technology understanding as a craft, so mastery is a cornerstone of our employee development. We are each other’s and our customers’ Wingman. We build our partnership on trust, mutual commitment, and a continuous search for a solution, even in pressured situations. We are growing, and in 2021 we started a brand-new European collaboration with Dutch Cisco partner Avit Group and with the support from the private equity fund Quadrum Capital. Through this collaboration and network, we combine our knowledge, expertise, and quality to serve our European and international customers further.


Kåre Christensen, Morten Kolind, and Stig Abildsø founded Wingmen from a desire to create a company they would want to work for themselves. Sustainability may be a buzzword, but we view it as a responsibility to give back as Wingmen grows. In 2021, we launched Wingmen Academy. The Academy is a 2- and 5-year course, where the graduates are trained in and gain experience from several disciplines across Wingmen and Cisco. We created Wingmen Academy out of ambition for a sustainable business model; we educate the next generation while growing our business. In addition, we are involved as volunteers in Projekt UDENFOR [Project Outside] by supporting Copenhagen’s Homeless and ReDi School of Digital Integration, which educates and helps minority women gain a gateway into IT industry. We value personal before professional development because it constitutes the foundation for individual and company growth.


We do not want to be the biggest – we want to be the best. We have ambitions of growth. But we have even higher ambitions to develop on all parameters. We prioritize education and development highly, encouraging everyone to excel in the latest technology. Our vision is to create an attractive workplace where partners and employees are eager to learn, develop and play each other better. We want to be each other’s wingmen. wingmen.


Our mission is to contribute to our customers’ success through consulting, implementing, and servicing “best in class” solutions. We focus on simplification and automation to help our customers journey towards software-based networking and security solutions. We prioritize a personal and trusting collaboration focusing on our long-term relationship. We want to be your Wingman.


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