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Datacenter essentially means a central place for data, but there is nothing particularly central about data today. Most of our customers run on a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud, so you probably do too? 

You likely have networks, servers, and storage in your own data center (private cloud), but you probably use cloud-based services and most likely more than one. There are many advantages to this, but it is also highly complex. 

We can help you with your on-prem servers and storage, your on-prem and cloud network that binds it all together, and the management and automation of all components. 

Our Solutions



Enjoy the benefits of your network without the hassle. We can help you ensure the operation and maintenance of your solution with our services.


Optimize your business with a stable, secure, and flexible network. We deliver standard enterprise networks and software-defined technologies.


Do you have complete control over your IT security? We can help increase your security so that you can withstand today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Asbjørn Højmark, CTO at Wingmen Solutions

Asbjørn Højmark

Are you curious about data center and cloud solutions or how automation can help streamline your IT? Maybe you are curious about the specific business value that the different data center solutions can provide you? Feel free to contact me with your questions.


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