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We translate technology to suit your business.

We are Wingmen

We create connections that strengthen our customers’ digital infrastructure. We incorporate security into everything we do, and what we do is advise on and tailor solutions within the network, data center, and, yes, security. As a partner in Avit Group, we have a global presence and a local view. We are a 100% Cisco house and gold partner, so we implement the market’s best and safest technologies. We are wingmen; we understand the latest technology and translate it to suit your business.



Optimize your business with a stable, secure, and flexible network. We deliver standard enterprise networks and software-defined technologies.


Do you have complete control over your IT security? We can help increase your security so that you can withstand today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats.


We can streamline the operation of your servers, no matter where you store your data. We know Cisco Software-Defined Data Centers based on ACI, UCS, and HX.


Enjoy the benefits of your network solution without the hassle. We can help you ensure the operation and maintenance of your solution with our advantage services.

Connect & Secure your business

Imagine if you could see your entire network wherever you are. Fix errors before they become problems. Be connected without worrying about security.
What if your network infrastructure could support your vision for the future and business goals?  
Surely the optimum for you is to have a partner who knows both the technology and your business. A partner focused on long-term cooperation built on trust, a partner that sees new opportunities and challenges you to transcend what you thought possible. 
Wouldn’t it be nice to call a wingman when you need one?  
We help our customers journey to a safer, more efficient, and flexible workday. 

From Mastodonts to Municipalities

We help public and private companies implement the market’s best and most secure network, data center, and security solutions.
We have +25 years of experience within the industry +100 Cisco certifications, and we work with +250 customers, from municipalities to globally spanning industrial mastodonts, from media houses to gas stations.
We’ve tried it all.
Contact us to learn more about how we can support your company’s journey to a better and more secure solution.

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