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About Managed Cisco Umbrella

Managed Cisco Umbrella DNS Security/ Secure Internet Gateway Cisco Umbrella DNS Security protects your organization by handling DNS requests within a Cisco environment, reviewing the appropriateness of the DNS request (against customer specified policies) before responding to the request. We checks the logging of DNS requests (rejected and allowed) in Umbrella to identify issues that require action. For example, (recurring) communication with malicious servers, which may indicate a malware infection within your network. Managed Umbrella SIG includes all Managed Umbrella DNS Security services with additional specific additions that come with the SIG functionality.
This SIG functionality includes secure web gateway, cloud delivered firewall and cloud access security broker (see image below).

What do we do as a structural service:

We provide reactive support when using Umbrella (SIG) to the customer's Service Desk and/or IT administrators. This concerns for example the functional operation of the application, the deployment of Umbrella clients, questions about policies, blocking requests, etc.

We determine the priority of security alerts and handles them. If necessary, We take actions to follow up with the administrators of the environment. This involves: assessing the undesirability, coordinating with end users about the cause of certain DNS traffic. We can provide situational support for this follow-up, if required.

We report monthly about the past month and gives advice about possible measures/points of improvement. This advice can be given by e-mail, but also orally during a meeting with the customer to discuss the report and to translate it directly into choices or adjustments.

We review the logging on a daily basis for the existence of elements classified as (potentially) malicious (malware, botnet and cryptomining shown in the 'messages' on the overview screen)

We update product settings to include new features in new versions in line with the everevolving service provide

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